UTAT Innovation Fund

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We’re proud to have had the support of the UofT student body throughout the years, and we’re very grateful for it. We hope you allow our team to continue making a global impact by supporting the UTAT Innovation Fund. If you are also interested in being part of our team, follow this link - we would love to have you! If you want to find out more about who we are, and how the levy funds will be used, scroll down!

What is UTAT?

UTAT is an award winning design team that brings passionate undergraduates and graduates together to work on technical and societal challenges in aerospace. The team’s mission is to foster the next generation of leaders in aerospace and innovation by developing skills and providing opportunities to all students who join the team. Through our various outreach initiatives, we share our projects with the public to increase interest in higher education and aerospace among communities and classrooms. UTAT is open to all students within the University of Toronto, and we pride ourselves in our welcoming and collaborative atmosphere that allows the personal and professional development of all of our members.

Where will my money go?

The UTAT Innovation Fund supports our Space Systems Division, which is the only student-led and student-funded space program in the world. Our first satellite, HERON Mk II, will be carrying a microbiology experiment into low Earth orbit in early 2020, with the goal of improving long-term astronaut health and providing a low-cost, open-source experimental platform for future microbiology experiments in space. After the launch of HERON, UTAT will start development of our next mission. All U of T students can submit ideas for the payload of UTAT's next satellite, giving the student body unprecedented access to space. 

What impact will my money have?

Through our technical work, as well as our efforts in outreach and aerospace policy, we aim to make aerospace accessible and useful to all, at a local, national and global scale. Our educational outreach efforts within the Greater Toronto Area reach thousands of students annually, encouraging young students to pursue higher education and open their eyes to aerospace. Our policy team produces policy proposals for the Canadian government as well as the United Nations to unlock the power of aerospace technologies to improve our lives back on earth. The Space Systems team regularly interacts with the global community through events with the International Space University, UNISEC, and NASA to share their low-cost, open-source satellite designs with teams that do not have access to the same resources we do in their own countries.