Official astronaut-esque headshots taking place mid-January!


All members, advisors, and partners of UTAT are invited to attend one of two photoshoot sessions in January (identical shoots in case one conflicts with your schedule). Please RSVP by completing this form

NOTE: all Directors and Division Leads must have their photos taken, and it is strongly recommended that Subsystem Leads do too (photos will be placed on this website)

Location & Time

January 9, 2017
18h00 to 20h00 EST
BA 2175

January 12, 2017
09h00 to 11h00 EST
BA 2175

Dress code for official UTAT portrait

In decreasing order of preference...

  • UTAT Polo or T-shirt or clean-looking coveralls/flightsuit displaying UTAT patch(es)
  • Formal or semi-formal

Additional Info

You also have the option to bring one other professional-looking outfit of your choice, if you wish. Note that all backgrounds will include the Canadian flag.

You are welcome to use your official portrait (as well as additional headshot, if you bring another outfit) for personal use. Please credit Dylan Vogel if possible.

If you do not own a UTAT shirt, we will do our best to have some on-site but this is not guaranteed!

You can expect your photo to turn out like the sample below.