UTAT introduces New Portfolios, Directorships, and Advisory Boards

Over the past five years, UTAT has grown from a team of under 20 students to a team of more than 100 undergrad and grad students, 6 Divisions, 6 annual competitions, 1 annual aerospace conference, and a strong legacy of alumni start-ups like Kepler and Defiant Labs as well as of employment at top-tier destinations like SpaceX.

To support this growth and enable further development into the future, we are pleased to announce critical additions to UTAT's organizational structure and leadership.

New Portfolios under the Office of Administration & Advancement

The administrative and advancement responsibilities of the Executive Director have been fleshed out into distinct A&A portfolios, each bearing its own ambitious goals for the years ahead. Here's an overview of each portfolio:

Strategic Partnerships

Secures major sponsorships and collaborations with a variety of external holders including U of T, other universities, industry, and government, domestically and abroad. Led by Stephen Dodge (Director of Strategic Partnerships)

Media & Communications

Develops external communications & PR strategy, maintains direct channels of communication (e.g. email, social media, website), and works closely with external parties to produce engaging multimedia (e.g. news media, professional publications). Actively seeking a new Director, posting available under Get Involved -> Specialized Roles.


Designs efficient means to monitor UTAT's complex revenues and expenses on an ongoing basis, including our reimbursement system, bookkeeping, budgeting, accounts receivable/payable, and all other aspects of financial management. Led by David Wang (Director of Finance)

Leadership Development

Unique to UTAT, this portfolio is responsible for building team culture, growing leadership skills, conducting leadership & education research, and implementing innovative initiatives aimed at refining and implementing UTAT's leadership philosophy. Led by Salman Khan (Director of Leadership Development).

Establishment of the Faculty, Strategic, and Technical Advisory Boards

To solicit more diverse input on UTAT activities while deepening our external relationships, we are formally announcing the creation of the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB), Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), and Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Whereas FAB aims to solidify the support of U of T professors, SAB and TAB aim to provide a platform for industry and professional insight to enter the team while offering unique access to the University's top aerospace students through a variety of mentorship, conference, employment, social, and other means.

The inaugural board members comprising a range of experts from academia, industry, and government are now listed at https://www.utat.ca/advisors/